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  • Improves Skin Texture Naturally & Gives Healthy Glowing Skin
  • Brings Cooling Sensation to the Skin, Makes Skin Fresh
  • Helps to Reduce the effects of Blemishes & Dark Spots
  • Moisturize the Skin & Controls Excess Oil Production
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells, Provides Fair & Flawless Skin

MR Ayurveda SandalWood Face Pack Powder has a Power of Sandalwood and Other Nourishing Ingredients. The Face Pack is Made Up to Remove Dark Circles, Dull Skin and early Signs of Ageing. It is a well-known Skin Toner and Skin Lightening Agent that Brightens All Dark Spots and Dullness of the Face Including the Tan Skin hence it is used in Many Fairness Creams and Packs. This Face Mask has Drying Effects on the Skin. If your Skin is Dry, then you can use Milk in Place of Rose Water. This Chandan Powder Face Mask has a Softening Effect on your Skin, It helps in Fading Sunburn and Helps in Curing Suntan, Gives the Healing and Soothing Properties of Sandalwood/Chandan Powder. This Sandalwood Powder on Face Overnight to Get Rid of Acne, Scars and Blackheads. This Home Remedy works like a Magic in Reducing Acne, Scars and Blackheads. A Well-known Indian Traditional Skin Toner, Makes Skin Softer & Smoother. Ideal for an Additive for any Face Pack. The Sandalwood has been used for its Medicinal Properties for Centuries Since it has a Whole Range of Skin Benefits Some if them are – Nourishes, Cleanses, Tones & Moisturizes Skin, Cools & Soothes the Body, Lightens Blemishes, Controls Oil, Exfoliant. So, Choose MR Ayurveda SandalWood Face Pack For Clear, Softer & Smoother Skin.

How to Apply:-

Mix it with Rose Water to get a thin Consistent Paste. Keep this Mixture on your Face for 15-20 Mins and Wash it off with Plain Water. Use Thrice a Week for Best Magical Results.