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  • Wonderful Powder for Lightening Skin Tone
  • Works as a Natural Cleanser for Skin and makes it free from accumulated Oil and Sebum
  • Anti-oxidant properties helps in the removal of Dirt from Skin & Scalp and gives a Soothing Effect
  • Helps to get rid of Acnes and Pimples & also Delays Early Signs of Skin Ageing
  • Prevents Dandruff and Provides Lustrous Hair

MR Ayurveda Orange Peel Powder is made from 100% Natural Fresh Crop. The Triple sifted Microfine Powder is 100% Pure and contains no added Chemicals. It is well known for its therapeutics effects. It has amounts of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, making it useful in maintaning Healthy skin. It absorbs excess oils and also removes dead Skin cells. It also works against Dandruff and Scalp problems. It gently Cleanses scalp and provides Nourishment to Hair. Key Features: 1. Made from the Natural goodness of Fresh Crops 2. Completely Herbal in Nature, absolutely pure and does not contain any traces of added chemicals 3. 100% Organic Product constituting Natural Herbs 4. 100% Bio in Nature 5. Can be used for both Hair as well as Face Care treatments Benefits: 1. It is an absolutely beneficial agent when it comes to ensuring the Health of your Hair. 2. It has proved effectiveness in the treatment of Dandruff 3. It is also enriched with several conditioning benefits as it makes your Hair Healthier and Smoother. 4. The Product aids in the Cleansing of your Skin and makes it free from accumulated Oil and Sebum. 5. It also prevents the further secretion of oil. 6. Brings Natural radiance to the Skin by working as an anti-aging mask 7. Helps in the removal of Wrinkles and works as an anti-oxidant agent 8. The anti-oxidant properties also help in the removal of Dirt in the Scalp and give it a soothing effect.

How to Apply:-

Mix the MR Ayurveda Orange Peel Powder with enough Water to get a thin Consistent Paste. Keep this Mixture on your Face for 15 – 20 Mins and wash it off with Plain Water. Use Thrice a Week for Best Results.