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  • Mixture of MR Ayurveda Organic Indigo Powder and Bio Henna Powder will give Shiny Black Color to the Hair
  • 100% Natural Ingredients and No Added Chemicals Whatsoever
  • Excellent Natural Source of Nourishment for the Hair
  • Conditions your Hair and makes them Shiny & Smooth
  • Works as Hair Treatment & Prevents Hairfall


Made from Natural Henna and Indigo Leaves, MR Ayurveda Indigo Powder and Bio Henna Mehendi Powder – Combo Pack is Purely Natural and Chemical-free way to Color Hair a Deep, Rich, Black Color at Home. Henna Nourishes the Hair leaving Shiny, Soft and Silky. Henna also balances Scalp pH, Corrects Environmental and Pollution Damage thereby preventing Premature Hair Fall, Graying and Dandruff. It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties keep the Scalp Healthy and Protected. MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Indigo Powder is a Highly Pigmented Powder that helps in Covering Greys, Volumizes Hair Strands and helps rebuild Hair Health and Strength. While other Hair Colorants strip away essential Nutrients from strands, Indigo when combined with Henna is a Safe and effective method to Color Hair Black without compromising on Hair Integrity.

How to Apply:

Mix the MR Ayurveda Indigo Powder and MR Ayurveda Henna Powder in Warm Water to prepare a thin Paste. Apply the Mixture evenly on your Hair and Leave it for 35-40 Minutes or Keep it Longer for Better Rich Colour, then Rinse thoroughly and wash your Hair with a Cleansing Shampoo.