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  • MR Ayurveda Bhringraj Powder is Very Effective on Dry & Dull Hair as it will Deeply Nourish the Hair
  • Improves Hair Quality, makes it looks Soft, Shiny and Healthy
  • Rich Source of Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants that Works Wonder for your Hair
  • Conditions Hair and Gives a Cooling Effect
  • Also Capable of removing Blackheads and Dullness in the Face

Another Excellent Product of MR Ayurveda to opt for a revival of the ancient Botanicals to meet the modern demands. Among the variety of Bhringraj Powders that are readily available in the market as well as Best Organic Bhringraj Powder Online, it is not without reasons that MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Bhringraj Powder makes for the perfect choice without any hint of doubt. You can completely trust MR Ayurveda with their brand of products that follow strict policies of quality control while giving their customers the products that make for the Best Choice. MR Ayurveda Bhringraj Powder is the Ayurvedic substitute for the complete Hair Nourishment. At our advanced production unit, Bhringraj powder is processed by utilizing supreme grade Bhringraj Herbs under the utmost favorable conditions to ensure its purity. Our offered bhringraj powder has extremely mild pH that helps to ensure to provide Smooth, Shiny and Healthy Hair.

How to Apply:

Mix the MR Ayurveda Bhringraj Powder with Warm Water, gently massage into the Hair and Leave it for 25-30 Mins. Rinse thoroughly and Wash your Hair with a Cleansing Shampoo.